Welcome to Cowen Associates

Cowen Associates Consulting Structural Engineers was established in 1973, and over our 40+ years of existence, we have followed a simple yet effective creed: Constructability, Efficiency, Economy. This driving message has pushed us to take on any project no matter the magnitude, and get the job done right. From renovations of municipal buildings to simple structural repairs of residences, we have the ability to take on any job you need.

One of the most important traits to look for in consulting structural engineers is trustworthiness. At Cowen Associates, we have built a massive portfolio over the course of four decades, a testament to the unique and trustworthy work that we do. We encourage you to view our project history as well as our photo gallery to see for yourself exactly the kind of work we can do. If you’re in need of structural design work, renovations, or a full-scale construction project then look no further than the experts with over 40 years experience: Cowen Associates.