The firm was established in 1973.

Our office has maintained an open door for service to Architects, Owners, and Developers. Participation in the design of the smallest house addition is not uncommon, and is often done in short design sessions by Mr. Cowen with the Architect or Designer at this office. We also do “house calls”.

Projects have also been quite substantial in size. Our capability generally is limited to construction costs in the range of $10 to $30 million when full service is required on domestic work.

Our experience is in the construction of all types of Wood Framed and Timber structures, Structural Steel, Cast-in-place and Precast Concrete and Aluminum systems. Along with our wide experience in new construction, we have also developed a specialty of Renovation and Restoration of existing structures, including some of high historic value. In the last few years we have done numerous mixed-use residential buildings, also crlled podium buildings.

To maintain the state of the art, and to keep productivity high, we have actively sought to maintain the leading Computer Software available to Structural Engineers.

Our first use of the micro-computer for Finite Element Analysis began with the development of Proprietary Software for the Design and Analysis of Helical Staircases in the late 70’s. This program, specially written by Mr. Cowen, predated the popular IBM-PC.

We now are running the latest Autocad software, first initiated in 1985. In addition, we use Bentley Systems based on Finite Element analysis, which perform Steel and Concrete Design and generate Drawings automatically. These systems are particularly suited to our larger projects. We also have sophisticated wood frame and timber design software.

It has been the objective of the office to develop and maintain long-term personalized relationships with our cliental. This objective has been successfully reached through client loyalty.

We would be glad to furnish references on request.